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Week 6 - Sandra Parsons

Sandra Parsons

Who is Sandra Parsons?

“I am a self-made individual.” Sandra started out by saying.  She was born and raised in Surrey BC.  Her father was a truck driver and her mother was a ward clerk at a local hospital.  She has 3 siblings, one younger brother and two older sisters.  “I had the opportunity to graduate early from high school.” she told me.  After she graduated She moved...Read More

Week 5 Patrick von Pander

Patrick von Pander

This week I had coffee with a friend of mine, Patrick von Pander, The Big Picture Coach.  I first met Patrick when I was in the self-employment program at Douglas College.  He was the instructor who taught me the art of networking.

Who is Patrick von Pander?

Patrick grew up in the South Okanagan into a household that was a family business...Read More

Week 4 – Robert Stone

This week was another exciting week for me.  I met with Robert Stone of at the restaurant in the Sheridan Hotel in Surrey.  We were supposed to get together the week prior but I came down with the flu.  His story was well worth the wait.

A little bit about Robert Stone?

Robert and his brother were raised...Read More


Week 3 – My Story

This week was supposed to be Robert Stone of  Unfortunately I was sick on Monday so I had to postpone the meeting.  Instead of trying to re-book it for later in the week, I thought that it would be good to tell you a bit about me and why I started this project. ...Read More


Week 2 - Jonathan Christian

During this project, some of our meetings will be in people’s offices, and some will not. This week I met with Jonathan at the ABC Restaurant in Coquitlam. Even though I have known Jonathan for quite some time from going to networking events that he has put on, I thought this would be a great time to learn more about him.

Who is Jonathan Christian?

Jonathan is also an immigrant to Canada. He was born on the Isle of Man and “is very... Read More


Week 1 - Heinz Hasselmann


Each week in 2012, we are going to chat with a successful business leader who started small, and struggled.  People who I strive to be like.  The first week, we chose to talk with the owner of Century Pacific Foundry Limited, Heinz Hasselmann and his son, Eric Hasselmann, the General Manager of Century Pacific Foundry Limited.

We approached Heinz and Eric for the first week because... Read More

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