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Hot Deals and Promotions

Are you looking to see what deals you can get from Anything on a Clock?

If you look thru every page on our site, you will find a number of offers thruought our web site. the fact of the matter is that most people don't have the time to look at 15 to 20 pages, just to see what deals might be on them.

Each of these deals were designed specifically to benifit one particular set of people. These offers, however are for everyone to enjoy. For this reason, we have decided to add a Hot Deals and Pormotions page. Here you can view all the deals and promotions that we have within our web site.




Clock of the Month Club

Our new "Clock of the Month" Club is a unique way for you to fit your housewarming gifts and promotional gifts into your monthly budget.

After signing up in our Clock of the Month Club, we will automatically charge you for 1 clock each month. Your payment will automatically be taken each month thru PayPal. Once we receive your payment, your account will be credited with 1 clock. We will generate and invoice/receipt for you so that you don't have to go to PayPal to get your receipts and we will also let you know how many clocks you have left in your account.

You can use one clock each month, as you pay for them, or save them up and use them as you need them. Of course, you can stop at any time.

Sign up for the Clock of the Month Club and save 10% on your clocks.

Sign up before March 31st, 2010 and your 10% savings will be applied to the HST promotion. Your price will be guarenteed for as long as you are in the program.

Pre-Paid Program

If you don't think that you will be needing 12 clocks in one year, our new "Pre-Paid Program" might be better suited for you. You can choose to either pre-pay for 5 or 10 clocks, then use them as you need.

If you would like, we can also develop a pre-paid program just for you.

Sign up for our Pre-Paid Program and save 10% on your clocks.

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Grandparents' Clocks


At Anything on a Clock, we know how proud you are of your child. We also know that your parents would love nothing more than to see their grandchildren more. For this reason we have come up with a Grandparents' Clocks promotion. You can now buy 2 clocks. One for each set of grandparents for $120 plus taxes and shipping. This saves you $20.00.

If you would like one for you and one for each grandparent, we will give you the third clock for $55.00 plus shipping and handling. This means you can get 3 clocks for $210 $175 plus shipping and handling.

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