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Burns Bog Conservation Society

At Anything on a Clock, we are holding a fundraiser for The Burns Bog Conservation Society. Every clock that is sold using the email address, we will donate 15% of the sales to the Burns Bog Conservation Society.

Your clock can be a Burns Bog clock but it doesn't need to be. You can order anything that you woiuld like on a clock using the email address of and you will be helping the Burns Bog Conservation Society.

In addition, if you purchase one of the images opn this web page, we will give the Burns Bog Conservation Soceity an additional 10%.

The following text comes directly from the Burns Bog Conservation Society's web site.


Twenty concerned citizens founded the Burns Bog Conservation Society in 1988. They along with other members of the community had successfully stopped a major development that would have seen Burns Bog put under 20 feet of landfill and converted to commercial, residential, industrial and one square mile scooped out for a deep-sea port.

The founders realized that they had won “the battle but not the war” to protect Burns Bog. In order to ensure long-term protection they felt they needed to continue to educate people about the ecological benefits of the Bog and raise awareness about the need to protect it for future generations.

The Society is a registered society in British Columbia (S-24249) and a registered Canadian charity (BN 12916 6682 RR0001).

What we do

Conduct educational programs including interpretive tours, fieldtrips, summer day camps.

Obtain funding to build and maintain the boardwalk system in the Delta Nature Reserve (Burns Bog) so you can enjoy this ecological gem without damaging the sensitive vegetation. The boardwalks are stroller and wheelchair and bike accessible.

Network with leading scientists to give and distribute accurate and up-to-date information on peatlands. In 1995 Dr David Bellemy discovered that Burns Bog was regenerating after the peat harvesting. He told the Society that, “ you have proved by accident in Burns Bog the theory that the bog will regenerate within 40 years!”

Publish peatland education material for all ages.

Attended and asked others to voice their concerns on behalf of Burns Bog at all levels. These include everything from the Peatland Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland to local city council meetings.

Partner with other environmental organizations and acedemic institutions.

Host awareness events such as International Bog Days, Jog for the Bog, Burns Bog Gala, and the Pilgrimage to Burns Bog.

Received the Cultural Diversity Award in 1997 for its work to reach a broader community by translating its Quick Guide to Burns Bog in Punjabi and Mandarin and its inclusiveness in the workplace.

Indirect Benefits to our community

Inspired students to go into advanced education in the field of peatlands.

Collaborated with author Bill Burns to produce, ‘Discover Burns Bog’, a brief history of Burns Bog.

Worked with the British Columbia government to set up the Ecosystem Review of Burns Bog, 1999-2000. This is the only review that was not driven directly by a land development proposal.

Collaborated with Mary Bissell to produce A Bog in My Backyard for her masters in communication at Simon Fraser University

A former volunteer represented the youth at the British Columbia Government’s inauguration of the Year of the Volunteer.

Provide teachers from across Canada, the USA, and to Alaska with educational material to supplement their teaching programs on the environment.

Provides the community with a research library that is available during office hours.

Works with local groups to give volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities.

For more information on how to get your favourite photo made into a clock, please email us at or give us a call at 604-318-8839.

To get a larger view of the samples below, click on the image.

Central Bog

The photos of the Sandhill Cranes were taken by Marlene Graham



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