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What does two aunts get for their niece's 1st birthday that will last a life time..Our favourite photo on a piece of time..The clock!! Its the perfect gift for the perfect person.Always wanting to give unique gifts this one tops them all..Thanks Keven.

Jody Carter


Unique Gift For Anyone!

"I bought a clock from Anything on a Clock for my mom for Christmas last year. It had a photo of my brother and I when we were younger. She cried when she opened the gift and said, 'A wonderful moment in time.' She still smiles when she looks up at the time.‎ The clocks are excellent quality and a unique gift for anyone!"

Melissa Musika
Indivine Visual Productions


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Babies and Children

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today."
Stacia Tauscher

Since we started Anything on a Clock, we have done quite a few baby and children's clocks. Anything on a Clock offers a wide variety of custom clocks. Be it your first photo of your baby or a precious family memory such as your baby's first foods, our Baby and Children clocks are a beautiful way for you to show off your most precious treasures, your family.

Below are just a few samples for you to enjoy. They show a variety of themes.

To get a larger view of the samples below, click on the image.

Baby Clocks

Baby Girl Christmas Clock
Baby Prayer Clock
Baby Boy Clock
When we had our child, the one thing that everyone said to us is that "they grow up so fast." At Anything on a Clock, we can preserve those early moments in time on a custom wall clock.
Baby Prayer Clock
Baby Girl Driving Clock
Tee-Knees Commercial Clock
As your children grows, they get personalities of their own. At Anything on a Clock, we can make you a clock that is unique as your child.

Children Clocks

Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life Clock
Girl in the Garden Clock
Rock Climbing Boy Clock
One thing that I know about grandparents is that they love to be around their grandkids. A lot of the time this is difficult.
Brother and Sisterr in the garbage Clock
Boy and Baby Brother Clock


Grandparents' Clocks

At Anything on a Clock, we know how proud you are of your child. We also know that your parents would love nothing more than to see their grandchildren more. For this reason we have come up with a Grandparents' Clocks promotion. You can now buy 2 clocks. One for each set of grandparents for $120 plus taxes and shipping. This saves you $20.00.

If you would like one for your child's nursery and one for each grandparent, we will give you the third clock for $55.00 plus shipping and handling. This means you can get 3 clocks for $210 $175 plus shipping and handling.

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