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"I have purchased quite a few clocks from Anything on a Clock.  While I was pregnant, to chronicle my growing tummy, I contacted Anything on a Clock and Keven put together a clock that incorporated my pregnant self and a newborn picture of our daughter.  I was so pleased that that Fathers Day, I had another two clocks done, one for my husband and one for my dad.  The one for my husband is him looking at my daughter who was staring at him. Keven came up with a poem that fit the picture and moment perfectly.  My dad's clock (or Grandpa's clock) is proudly hung in his office. It is a simple smiling picture of my daughter. When my dad goes to look at the time, he told me it makes him smile every time.  The quality of the clocks and the pride that goes into them is shown to everyone.  They are a unique, special gift."

Janeen Tronnes
British Columbia, Canada

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Birth Announcements

A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it.

Frank Howard Clark

A Custom Birth Announcement Clock would be a welcome addition to any child's nursery or Grandparents' kitchen.

Shortly after the birth of our child, I decided to turn a hobby that I was passionate about into a business. That is when Anything on a Clock was born. Our first clocks were "Birth Announcement" clocks.

Our Custom Birth Announcement Clocks feature your baby or your baby and his or her mommy. You can choose from one of our templates or you could have a full photo clock with your child's picture on it. Our It's a Boy Birth Announcement Clocks are mounted on a blue wood grain plaque and our It's a Girl Birth Announcement Clocks are beautifully displayed on a pinkish red wood grain plaque.

Inside our clock face we can add your child's name along with any information that you may want to remember such as the date of your child's birth and the hospital that your child was born in.

When you are ready to purchase your Birth Announcement clock(s), simply send us an email to We will contact you within 24 hours to obtain your photos and plan your custom clock.

To get a larger view of the samples below, click on the image.

Landscape Birth Announcement Clocks

It's a Boy Landscape Clock
It's a Girl Landscape Clock
If your first photo or favourite photo of your newborn is in the portrait style, you may select one of our Landscape Birth Announcement Clocks. Our landscape It's a Boy and It's a Girl clocks frame your child's photo with our beautiful checker board and toy border.

Portrait Birth Announcement Clocks

It's a Girl Portrait Clock 1
It's a Boy Portrait 1
It's a Boy Portrait 2
It's a Girl Portrati 2
If on the other hand, your newborn's first photo or favourite is a landscape shot, you may choose one of our Portrait Birth Announcement Clocks. Our portrait It's a Boy and It's a Girl clocks frame your child's photo with your choice of our beautiful checker board and toy border or our Teddy Bear boarder.

Mom with Baby Birth Announcement Clocks

Mom with Baby Boy Clock
Mom with Baby Girl Clock
If you as a proud mommy have a pregnancy photo that you particularly like, we can add that to the clock too. You can either have your pregnancy shot as the large photo or as the small photo under the clock face leaving the larger area for your new addition.

New Birdie Border Clocks

It's a Boy
Birdie Border

It's a Boy or Girl
Birdie Border

It's a Girl
Birdie Border

It;s a Boy Birdie Border Clock
It's a Boy or Girl Birdie Border Clock
It's a Girl Birdie Border Clock

Our Birdie Border Birth Annoncement Clocks were lovingly designed by Serena Bertoli-Haley to be used on her clock of her child. As with our other clocks, the It's a Boy Birdie Border Clock comes mounted on a blue woodgrain plaque and our It's a Girl Birdie Border Clock is mounted on a pinkish red wood grain plaque.

With our Birdie Border Clocks, we also have a gender neutral yellow clock. This clock can either say "It's a Boy" as in the image above or "it's a Girl". This clock comes mounted on a rich walnut wood grain plaque.


Grandparents' Clocks

At Anything on a Clock, we know how proud you are of your child. We also know that your parents would love nothing more than to see their grandchildren more. For this reason we have come up with a Grandparents' Clocks promotion. You can now buy 2 clocks. One for each set of grandparents for $120 plus taxes and shipping. This saves you $20.00.

If you would like one for your child's nursery and one for each grandparent, we will give you the third clock for $55.00 plus shipping and handling. This means you can get 3 clocks for $210 $175 plus shipping and handling.

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For more information on how to get your favourite photo made into a clock, please click here or give us a call at 604-318-8839.

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